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Amen  2006

Amen, narrates some aspects of my upbringing in a catholic country where sex, pleasure and freedom are linked with guilt, sin and the obscene. I based my research on the role women have played in Catholic Religion and the repercussions of living in an environment surrounded by religious manifestations and strong traditions. 

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Limbo 2007

While completing an M.A in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, I became interested in the decision made by the Catholic Church of burying the concept of Limbo; the place where centuries of traditions and teaching held that babies who died without baptise went. I was fascinated with the idea of an in between world where lives and emotions are suspended in time and space. 


Ahora 2012

In our society, we are encouraged to think about the past or the future instead of living the now. Ahora invites the viewer to think about the impossibility of having two identical special moments, as our environment and us are constantly evolving and changing.